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Haag-Streit AT900 Tonometer

Haag-Streit AT900 Tonometer

Fits the Haag-Streit slit lamps BQ 900.

Provides a parking position and can be easily be moved into place for working.

The applanated surface is observed monocularly through the right eyepiece of the

stereo microscope.


900 C/M   Mountable on peg on microscope

900 M/Q  Insertable in the guide plate on slewing peg for microscope and illumination

unit arm

900 BQ    Mountable on microscope arm

Measuring range         0 - 80 mm Hg

Measurement divergence, of the force impingement on the measuring prism over a

measuring range

from 0 - 58.84 mN

Standard divergence:

0.49 mN ≤ 3 s ≤ 1.5 % of rated value

Reverse span               ≤ 0.49 mN

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